Brooklyn/Beijing Innovative Theatre Experience (BITE) is an international theatre company based in New York and Beijing. Our mission is to cross cultural boundaries through groundbreaking new works of theatre as well as inventive productions of classics that touch upon themes of culture, identity, and diversity. We accomplish this mission through coordinated development and realization of workshops, festivals, and productions held in both cities, i.e. workshop development of an original play in Beijing culminating in its production in New York, or vice versa. We invite creators, artists, and audiences of all nationalities, backgrounds, and generations to share with us a performative experience unique to the theatre!

Upcoming in NYC:
Drink some punch. Do the Hokey Pokey. Eat your date's brains.

Prom Night of the Living Dead will be performing at the Players Theatre from
August 18th-September 4th (Thurs-Sun). Its original production won an
Audience Favorite Award at the 2010 Shortened Attention Span Horror Fest.

Upcoming in Beijing:

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